All About Andy

Andy Edwards is an inspiring and motivating professional speaker who delivers memorable presentations on Behavioural Psychology, Business Relationships, Understanding Others, Influence, Attitude and Teams.

His bestselling book “Why Can’t People Be More Like Me?!” helps people understand themselves and others better, and is available from his website, Amazon and wherever else you can find it!

He is the founder of Re£ationomic$ – creating tangible value from business relationships – and the “Yoo” Personal Development course (check it out on

Andy speaks at conferences and events across the globe about how to adapt behaviour and connect to others.  His Master Classes, Training Courses and Coaching Programmes help individuals and teams understand themselves, and each other, better than ever before.  His behavioural (rather than academic) approach makes him a sought-after leadership trainer and executive coach.

His early career in sales helped Andy understand the importance of emotions in the selling process. “People plainly emotionally connected with the product or service they were buying,” he says. Further study on the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma convinced Andy that understanding how others ‘tick’ was probably the key to his future.

He subsequently studied Jungian Psychology and is qualified in a number of separate psychometric instruments. He also holds a National Diploma in Coaching.


He now teaches his methods to other business leaders and their teams. Andy believes in ‘Value’ to the point that price becomes irrelevant and ‘Relationships’ to the point that a customer remains loyal forever.

These are the fundamentals of Re£ationomic$. Andy has worked with household names and ‘one-man-bands’, travelling the world to make a difference to individuals, teams and organisations. He writes for national magazines, has regular radio slots, and has even been called in to analyse the contestants on a reality TV show.

Andy lives in Dorset with his wife, Ali and their daughter Rosie (and ‘Horace’, the sit-on lawn mower). He also has two grown up sons, through whom he relives his rock-star roots! When not working Andy enjoys his garden, a bit of golf, good food, good wine – and good friends!