Balance – 3 Day Retreat

True Colour BALANCE

Utterly life changing. I cannot thank you enough. Those three days with you count among the most important days of my life

For each of us, there usually comes a point in life and business when we ask some big questions.

Most of these questions come down to something like:

Andy edwards Balance course graduates


Many of us will muddle along and eventually find a way through.

Some of us will find ourselves caught in the loop of: ‘Same sh*t, different day’.

A select few of us recognise that there is more to us – but don’t quite know what.  It is we who decide to re-boot our lives and uncover the real answers. 

It’s up to you which you want.

(As Morpheus says to Neo in the Matrix “Do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill?”)

Well, perhaps it’s not QUITE as dramatic as The Matrix… So what is it really all about?

Quite simply, Balance is a coaching-based personal development course designed to inspire, challenge, amaze and motivate you.

It is run over 3 consecutive days – and offers you the space and time to rediscover, re-learn and reveal clearer business/career and lifestyle choices available to you.

And it is probably unlike anything you have ever done before…

  • A journey in self-discovery? Yes
  • A challenge? Yes
  • An experience designed to help you find that elusive SOMETHING? Yes
  • A clearing of the way allowing you to move ahead with confidence? Yes
  • A three day chill-out? Yes

And a thousand other descriptions based on the statements we receive from delegates.

Whether the answers you seek include confidence, relationships or changes, you are in good hands. My Balance Team and I have run similar courses for many hundreds of people just like you. We use Coaching, NLP, Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and other models, ideas and exercises – all designed for the delegates in the room.

Nearly 100% of new delegates are recommended by family, close friends or work colleagues who have done the course already. So just trust them when they say: “This was probably one of the best things I have ever done for myself!

The following list touches the surface of what we explore…

  • Discover the basis of successful communication with those around you
  • Become clearer than ever about your plans, direction and roles
  • Explore human behaviour as it affects you – and how you affect others
  • Re-discover or enhance your creativity
  • Gain a perspective and positive attitude about your life and work
  • Uncover fundamental truths about yourself and your colleagues/friends
  • Recognise how past experience can interfere with your future plans
  • Consider or create your own “life plan”
  • Learn how to really relax whenever you want to
  • Uncover the true nature of personal success
  • Re-learn how much fun having fun can be!
  • Identify the most important things in your life right now

True Colour Balance courses are usually run just once a year – so it’s important you register your interest. We will let you know when the next course is running. You choose whether you are available or not. It’s as simple as that.

Click on this link which opens an email where you can request information about the next Balance course.

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