The BALANCE Experience

You already know there is something more to you... let's explore how to find it.

The BALANCE Experience

Run over 3 consecutive days (2 nights) this residential coaching based experience is designed to make a personal, positive, profound, and permanent difference in your life…

…and it’s probably unlike ANYTHING you’ve ever done before

For each of us, there usually comes a point in life and business when we ask some big questions. What is it that YOU are asking? A select few of us recognise that we must do something before it’s too late.  But don’t quite know what. 

BALANCE offers a break.  A Pattern Interrupt.  A re-boot.  And the space and opportunity to uncover our own answers.

Utterly life changing. I cannot thank you enough. Those three days with you count among the most important days of my life

Click on the first video for an introduction to the BALANCE experience

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Once you have viewed the videos, click on the free BALANCE questionnaire.  It all starts here.

Andy edwards Balance course graduates

“It’s like 6 months coaching in 3 days”.

Address or create changes in your life

Develop your mental resilience

Discover the basis of successful communication with those around you

Become clearer than ever about your plans, direction and roles

Explore human behaviour as it affects you – and how you affect others

Re-discover or enhance your creativity

Gain a perspective and positive attitude about your life and work

Uncover fundamental truths about yourself and your colleagues/friends

Recognise how past experience can interfere with your future plans

Consider or create your own “life plan”

Learn how to really relax whenever you want to

Uncover the true nature of personal success

Re-learn how much fun having fun can be!

Identify the most important things in your life right now