I wrote this book for you!

I wrote this book for you!

To all those people who have asked me:

“Where can I read more about dealing with different Personalities?”

Well here it is.  Your guide to the simple psychology that will help you understand yourself and others

Why can't people be more like me book cover

“Why Can’t people Be More Like Me?!”

(Using simple psychology to understand yourself and others)

Download the introduction (1st chapter) HERE

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BLUE TYPE – People are illogical.  It makes sense to purchase a blueprint for how people tick.

*I will charge you £17.99 for a hard copy book with FREE handling, shipping and post. OR Choose the electronic copy for just £3.99 which you can download straight away. If you choose a hard copy you also get the electronic copy for free.

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How to read someone almost instantly. The best relationships are based on understanding others.

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