Behaviourally Focused Coaching

Behaviourally Focused Coaching

Taking you from where you are – to where you want to be.

Coaching is not training or mentoring (although it can contain elements of both). Think of coaching as a chance to focus on YOU. To explore options, issues, goals and opportunities.

You can be coached on highly specific issues – or on broader themes. And sometimes, what you end up discussing, will seem a long way from where you started!

Coaching sessions can be used as a stand-alone intervention – or as part of a broader training programme.

Click here for a full overview of coaching as a process.

Typical coaching intervention:

Pre-session 1: Online psychometric profiling assessment resulting in an individual personality/behavioural profile

Session one: Debriefing of the profile. Values elicitation. Broad themes and observations

Session two: Main presenting issues. Identifying problems as opposed to symptoms

Session three: Reflection and prioritisation of goals. Establishing what ‘great’ looks like

Session four: Working through behavioural and contextual blockers to achieving desired outcomes

Session five – eight: Further clarity and insights into behavioural and language patterns

Session nine – twelve: Ever more refined work on making a difference

Most clients commit to an initial four sessions before deciding on whether they would benefit from an extended programme.

I wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with me over the last few months. Your coaching has made such a difference to me and to the way that I feel. I have started to use the techniques you have taught me and I am feeling much more confident and less worried!
Emma, Executive PA

Coaching programmes start from £1,250 + VAT – or can be incorporated into wider training programmes.

Contact Andy for an initial discussion about coaching for you and/or colleagues

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