Do YOU recognise these lapses in YOUR confidence?

Do YOU recognise these lapses in YOUR confidence?

I have spoken with and coached many thousands of people across the world.  I have been involved in coaching since about 1996 – and obtained a National Diploma in coaching well before it was such a ‘buzz word’.

And the most ‘popular’ issue I deal with is CONFIDENCE! Well, LACK of confidence…  Here are just a few of the ways people put it:

  • I feel I should speak up more at meetings
  • I just let people get away with things
  • How do I become more ‘outgoing’?
  • I leave things UNsaid
  • I hate confrontation
  • I never have an immediate response
  • I am worried about appearing silly if I ask a question
  • I would change if I could but I can’t
  • I keep getting passed over for promotion
  • I get the sweats when I have to speak to more than 2 or three people
  • I hate walking into a room if I don’t know anyone
  • I’m know as ‘The Quiet One’

Do you recognise yourself in at least one of the above?  If so, then you are not alone.

As I said earlier, a lack of confidence is in the top three ‘Issues’ my clients bring to me as their coach.  And here’s what I tell them…

Know Yourself!

Yup – those two words (borrowed from the Ancient Greeks) have within them, the power to create more confidence than you will ever need.

And not just the loud, brash (even charismatic) self-assurance that some might consider signs of confidence.  You can also develop a quiet, calm – almost enigmatic self-belief that may suit your personality better than your ‘louder’ friends.

And all you need to do is Know Yourself!

Once you are really clear about who you are, then you’ll realise that the changes you THINK you need to make are, potentially, the opposite of what you should actually do!

Now, this requires a bit of work.  And if you’re happy to invest £1,250,  I can contact you direct for one-to-one assistance (plenty of folk do!).


You can buy my brand new signature personal development Yoo Course for less than £90/$110 (but there’s a special offer – see later).

I have partnered with UDEMY (the international training portal) to host my brand new course.

Delivered in bite sized videos, you get the same information and exercises that I would give you if you were my private client – and it’s all at a tiny fraction of the cost.  There’s even a money back guarantee direct from UDEMY (so you don’t have to liaise with me to get a refund if you’re not happy).

So, hit the link below and sample the Yoo course (there’s a free intro video and initial exercise with my compliments).  If you decide to buy then, using the link below, you can have full access to the whole course for £19.99 (about $25).


There’s no time limit to complete the Yoo Course, so access it as soon as possible and then learn at your leisure.

Do you have the confidence to invest a few pounds/dollars in yourself?

Yoo wisdom: The original meaning of the word Confidence is ‘With Trust’.  I would ask that you have a little trust in me and at least take a look at the Yoo Course.  If all you did was learn a bit more about yourself, then that would be worth it in itself!

Be your best Yoo

Andy and the Yoo team

PS If you want to rebuild confidence, relationships – or tear down some barriers, then check out the Yoo Personal Development Course

I have teamed up with the international learning platform Udemy, and the links in this PS carry a particularly generous discount for readers of my blog (about 90% off!).

Click here and view the free stuff – no obligation to buy. 

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Life’s Changes?

Take a look at the amazing online “Yoo Course” and discover:

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How to read someone almost instantly. The best relationships are based on understanding others.

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