If you can’t trust people to do the work – it might be YOUR fault!

It’s a biggie. TRUST

In fact, when dealing with leaders and managers across the UK (and beyond), I find it’s one of the most prevalent situations – explained by the following quote:

“Andy, I would let go if I could. I would, you know, delegate a bit more… If only I could trust those under me to do the job as well (or as fast) as me!”

O my word… how many times have I heard this or its equivalent! Trouble is, if the leader does nothing about it, nothing will change. And the organisation suffers from the most common blocker to its continued growth.

But here’s the unpleasant truth… If you can’t trust your direct charges to perform – it’s probably your fault. Let me briefly explain.

Performance (and your trust of it), is made up of constituent elements. The absence of these elements affects performance and, thus, your trust that someone can actually perform. But simply put, you could and should be doing something about it. Consider the four ‘C’s’ of performance:


So, taking each one in turn:

If someone is not competent – perhaps you should train them; show them tell them direct them – so that they are able to do it. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

If someone is not consistent – perhaps you should provide opportunities to practice, regularly and often, even being allowed to fail occasionally (where it’s not mission critical). YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

If someone lacks confidence – perhaps you should acknowledge and encourage their efforts. Rewarding and praising success. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

If someone is not committed – perhaps you haven’t done the first three right? Perhaps you are not offering appropriate motivation. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!

Only once the leader takes responsibility for poor performance in others, will they ever be able to develop others to perform.

And yes, it DOES take an investment in time. So – ‘Finding the time’ is where you need to start!

If you are interested in an overview description of ‘Project 20’ (claiming 20% of your time back through the I.D.E.A.S. acronym), contact me via our contact page

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