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Are You Left-Handed?

Enhance your people-reading skills by watching for specifics of behaviour. Remember, “How someone does ANYTHING is a clue to how they do EVERYTHING”..

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Be Nasty in FOUR Different Ways!

Social media attracts its fair share of unwelcome comments. Today’s #bekind is tomorrow’s #screwyou!

Within the behavioural psychology of nasty comments, we find that each of the four main character types has its own nasty side. Who do YOU become when you’re being nasty?

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Yes – But are you HAPPY?

The state of happiness is most people’s ultimate life goal for self or others: When asked what we want out of life, we say: “I just want to be happy”. When considering a loved one’s well-being we say: “Whatever you do, as long as you’re happy…” But what is it? And, more to the point, how will we know when we have got there?

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What extraverts and introverts think of each other

It’s the most obvious personality trait… the preference continuum with extraversion on one side and introversion on the other. Each side of that preference unconsciously superimposes THEIR preference on the other type – concluding (again, subconsciously) there’s something ‘wrong’.

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brandenburg gate

When you feel flattened, bombed out or blocked… Be Berlin!

Be Berlin? What does that mean to US? Well, whenever WE feel devastated; if life’s chances have dropped a bomb or two in our happiness; if we find barriers or blockages in our lives… then consider what the Berliners have done. Take the opportunity to re-build.  It can be hard work – and may take time, but the results of your efforts can be spectacular – and a far better outcome than the old system!

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Feeling depressed after being made redundant

Tomorrow You Are Made Redundant. What Now?

I have coached thousands who have faced redundancy – or just been made redundant (or lost their business).  And all but an extraordinarily tiny minority (I can think of just one at the moment), found themselves in a more rewarding, exciting, interesting or at least more stimulating situation within a few WEEKS.

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Is this Opportunity or Not?

Is this an opportunity or not?

As we go through life, opportunities occur. But the best ones, the ones that make life REALLY worth living, always have a particular start point… Having coached many thousands of people over the past 25 years, I have come to recognise five (plus 1) different attitudes or ‘Mindsets’ to OPPORTUNITIES. I wonder which category YOU would fall into?

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