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When you feel flattened, bombed out or blocked… Be Berlin!

Be Berlin? What does that mean to US? Well, whenever WE feel devastated; if life’s chances have dropped a bomb or two in our happiness; if we find barriers or blockages in our lives… then consider what the Berliners have done. Take the opportunity to re-build.  It can be hard work – and may take time, but the results of your efforts can be spectacular – and a far better outcome than the old system!

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Feeling depressed after being made redundant

Tomorrow You Are Made Redundant. What Now?

I have coached thousands who have faced redundancy – or just been made redundant (or lost their business).  And all but an extraordinarily tiny minority (I can think of just one at the moment), found themselves in a more rewarding, exciting, interesting or at least more stimulating situation within a few WEEKS.

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Is this Opportunity or Not?

Is this an opportunity or not?

As we go through life, opportunities occur. But the best ones, the ones that make life REALLY worth living, always have a particular start point… Having coached many thousands of people over the past 25 years, I have come to recognise five (plus 1) different attitudes or ‘Mindsets’ to OPPORTUNITIES. I wonder which category YOU would fall into?

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Guessing someone's psychological 'type' from their email

Guessing someone’s psychological ‘type’ from their email

A question I am asked regulalrly is: How can I work out someone’s ‘colour type’?

The answer is through observation.  Think about it.  If someone walked into the room, you wouldn’t necessarily know IMMEDIATELY whether they were left or right-handed… but, by observing how they do things, you might start to see their preferences as manifested through their actions.

It’s the same for psychological types.  Observe and it will become clear in their body language, tone of voice and content of what they say – and how they communicate.

And, a major part of modern-day communication can be found in the emails we send and receive.

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“I’m worried about how much I worry!”

“I’m worried about how much I worry!”

Think about yourself for a moment… what is the one emotion you would prefer NOT to have? (and I bet you didn’t choose NOT to have the emotion of Joy; satisfaction; love; contentment or peace!)
However, positive psychology makes a suggestion about emotions – even (or especially) about the negative emotions we all experience from time to time.
Positive psychology recognises a fundamental truth about emotions which most of my coaching clients are failing to see (until they have had a few sessions with me, of course!).
In a neurotypical person (i.e. no mental disorder or pathology), the secret of emotions is that they all – every single one of them – could actually be thought of as helpful messengers. They tell us something about our reactions and attitude towards the outside world. They help us identify how we FEEL about a situation or person.

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Do YOU recognise these lapses in YOUR confidence?

Do YOU recognise these lapses in YOUR confidence?

I have spoken with and coached many thousands of people across the world. I have been involved in coaching since about 1996 – and obtained a National Diploma in coaching well before it was such a ‘buzz word’. And one of the ‘Top Three Big Issues’ I deal with is CONFIDENCE! Well, LACK of confidence… Here’s a way do deal with it…

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