Are you all ‘Playing Nicely’ together?


As we start to unpick the workplace implications of Covid 19, colourful behavioural psychology can help.  At its simple level, awareness of people’s differences can go a long way to maintaining – or restarting, productive teamwork.

Remind yourself of the four colour energies by clicking here.

Primary RED types will want to get stuck into whatever the challenges are – they’re not going to be beaten by a pesky microbe!!!

Primary YELLOW preference needs the social interaction and connection. Join in with and listen to their ‘anecdotes’ about lockdown experiences.

Primary GREEN style will require reassurance and a good listening to! Be clear about their concerns – and understand how they FEEL.

Those with primary BLUE traits have already thought it all through and will have some clear and concise opinions about how things could be more efficient.

In truth – everyone has a bit of ALL the colours available to them. However, there is likely to be a preference order, the awareness of which can help a team function at its optimal level.

My new book “Why Can’t People Be More Like Me?!” is a great introduction to the colour model in behavioural psychology. Get a copy from my website shop

I’d also be delighted to talk to anyone with a team that could do with a refocus, re-calibration or re-energising!

Yoo Wisdom: Post Covid 19, there will inevitably be a period of readjustment for all workers.  If you are in a position to do so, speak to me about a team session to get YOUR people raring to go!  I can offer programmes from £9.99 per person.

Be your best Yoo!

Andy and the Yoo team 

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