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What’s Your Personality Type?

What Personality Type Are You?  Let’s Find Out…!

Based on Jungian Psychology, the following colour card exercise will take you less than a minute – but could lead to greater self-awareness!


Look at the cards below. On each is a set of descriptive words. Choose the card that describes you most accurately; then your second choice; then third – and then the card that is least like you. CLICK ON THEM IN YOUR PREFERRED ORDER. Your choice will appear below as you click.

Change by using the ’Start Again’ button.

Click the cards in your preferred order:

  • Personality Test Fiery Red - Andy Edwards
  • Personality Test Sunshine Yellow - Andy Edwards
  • Personality Test Earth Green - Andy Edwards
  • Personality Test Cool Blue - Andy Edwards

Your selection:

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  • 2
  • 3
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“Who Looks OUTSIDE, Dreams; Who Looks INSIDE Wakes Up!”

The card exercise you see on this page is based on the works of Carl Gustav Jung. He believed every person should fully know themselves.

Not as easy as it first seems

…because a lot of who we are exists unconsciously. To help, Jung identified that we all have certain ‘Psychological Preferences’ – which combine and contribute to our individuality.

With many people we share certain preferences

…with others we will have fewer preferences in common. What does that mean for our relationships? The awareness, understanding, acceptance and appreciation of our differences can lead to amazing results!

As Jung said:

Everything that irritates us about others can lead to an understanding of ourselves.

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