Tomorrow You Are Made Redundant. What Now?

Tomorrow you are made redundant.  What now?

(Or perhaps you are self-employed – and tomorrow you lose 95% of your customers…)

Let’s not tempt fate here but – is it SO bad?

“But, Andy; I have a mortgage and two kids!”  Or “Who’s going to pay the rent – and the interest on the car loan?” Or  “I have household bills to pay and food to buy!”

You get the picture… and I am NOT making light of redundancy and businesses folding.  It is serious and has far reaching consequences.

I suppose what I am asking is that… not ALL the consequences need be bad.  Let me explain…

When I put the question in this article’s headline to my coaching clients, I get a broadly similar reaction.  Dread… Worry…Horror…Stress…Anguish.  (Strangely, this is where our modern word ‘Business’ comes from – it originally meant ‘concern and worry’!).

And then, just occasionally, I get a startlingly different reaction…

“Tim” I say. “Let me ask you a question… Suppose tomorrow you were made redundant…?”

Tim raises his eyebrows and sticks his bottom lip out.  Then a very slow smile spreads across his face and a sort of gleam comes into his eye.  He starts to nod as he thinks through, not the pain, but the possibilities…

Adversity of this type is pretty commonplace.  I have coached thousands who have faced redundancy – or just been made redundant (or lost their business).  And all but an extraordinarily tiny minority (I can think of just one at the moment), found themselves in a more rewarding, exciting, interesting or at least more stimulating situation within a few WEEKS.

It happened to me.  Back in the 1990’s I lost a contract that was worth around 70% of my business revenue.  Which was just the kick up the arse I needed!  The lessons I learned have served me ever since.  More focus.  Less exposure to one client.  Increased mental resilience – and a clear understanding of my transferable skills.  I have to say that it was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

Yoo Wisdom: If you face an unstable future… by all means, do everything you can to be the one chosen by management to stay. Or… get a gleam in your eye and ask yourself: “What are my new possibilities…?”

Be your best Yoo


Andy and the Yoo team

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