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R is the Relationships you build with your prospects and leads

d is the depth & level of engagement within those relationships

V is the demonstration of Value you can offer in their terms

t is the timeliness in which this is done

A is the Attitude you present throughout the whole process

S is the number and likelihood of Sales you will achieve

The above equation says it all: Relationships multiplied by the depth (quality) of the relationships; with a demonstration of Value at the appropriate time – done with an appropriately positive Attitude, will more likely result in the Sale (or other desired result).

This is the Economy of Relationships – literally the potential tangible value in every human interaction.

With positive regard, a healthy dose of ethics and an invariable Win/Win outcome, the leveraging of our relationships is a crucial focus in helping us get what we desire… More money, more time, less hassle, fewer problems, better understanding – HAPPINESS!

The English poet, John Donne suggested that “No man is an island.”  Let us forgive Mr Donne a degree of political incorrectness as we recognise the intent of the phrase… Because, barring extremes of lifestyle (confined to the vast minority), wherever you go, whatever you do, there will be at least a degree of interaction with another human being.  In fact, most of our achievements, successes and reasons to celebrate, will have involved input from another person – if only by way of advice, encouragement or guidance.

Simply put – we need other people around.  And the extent to which we are able to positively engage with others is the extent to which we can leverage that engagement.  The results of these human associations can significantly help us along our path to whatever we seek.

If only for this reason, Relationomics is worth studying.  It is, if you will, the very OPPOSITE of paranoia.  I call it ‘Pronoia’ – the feeling that (given the right circumstances), everyone is secretly out to help me!

And in Business?  In my 20 years or so in business growth consulting, I have recognised a fundamental truth, the ignorance (or denial) of which will jeopardise the success of an organisation.  The truth is simply this:

“The REAL currency in an organisation is not money – it is relationships”

Everything an organisation wishes to achieve; its mission, goals, purpose and raison d’être – will probably require an ongoing funding stream (be that turnover & profit, donation, subsidy or grant), however, the money will dry up without people engaging, communicating with and understanding other people.  And doing well by them.

This is the art and science of Relationomics

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