Training Subjects

According to Harvard Business Review, 85% of success is considered ‘behavioural’

Choose training that creates positive change in what the delegates actually SAY and DO

Have a look in detail at Andy’s flagship training programmes listed below – or browse the workshop ideas at the end of this page

Flagship Training Programmes

Who’s it for? Owners, Commercial managers, Marketing and Sales teams, Franchisee groups, Small and Medium sized businesses with customer facing staff
The Business Growth Programme will help delegates focus on ways of growing the business which have the greatest Return on Investment. Using a simple four-pronged strategy, the learning aims to identify immediate wins for the business and uncover ‘hidden revenue’.
Who’s it for? Busy leaders, managers and executives who are committed to adding value to their organisations
Based on work done with top leaders in well-known and respected organisations. Embark on this programme and you’re in good company. Project 20 is designed to help you manage your workload and resources, releasing you to add value commensurate with your ability and level of contribution.
Who’s it for? Fee earners, fund-raisers, trades, professions, service providers, business groups, exhibition organisers (for their standholders), franchise groups
So many people attend business networking events, but few achieve a good return on their time and effort. Many people are filled with dread at the idea of attending a business Networking event. However, done properly, then this underrated activity could change your marketing and business success forever. Find out how with this engaging training.

Workshop Ideas

Executive retreat?  Annual meeting? Conference breakout session?  Or perhaps you just want a focusing ‘boost’ for your people.  Consider one of the workshop options below.

Workshop Training can run from 1 hour to 2 days.  Delegate numbers can usually be managed from 6 up to 100 or more.

You could even mix and match two or three subjects from the following:

creative seminar with Andy Edwards
  1. Understanding behaviour – Learn an accessible model for reading people 
  2. Coaching skills – Learn how to professionally and personally develop others 
  3. From Stressed to Best – Understanding and dealing with pressure in self and others
  4. Body Language – Develop an understanding of what people say with their gestures and non-verbals
  5. Motivating self and others – Find out why people do anything!
  6.  ‘NOBS’ and ‘WIMPS’ – Time management techniques for the busy business person
  7. Developing the sales relationship – how to become the buyer’s ‘Trusted Advisor’
  8. Professional Networking – Accountants and solicitors network badly – rise above the others immediately
  9. ‘What do YOU do?’ – Develop your response for the ‘Unforgiving Minute’ when networking
  10. The Value Proposition – Developing your unique selling point to diminish the importance of ‘Price’
  11. Going the extra inch – Encouraging discretionary effort in self and others
  12. Adapting and Connecting – Understanding, appreciating and working with others’ preferences
  13. Dysfunctional Business Relationships – Understand and deal with difficult people internally or externally
  14. What Happened (and what did you make it mean?) – Taking responsibility and becoming accountable
  15. Beyond Mars and Venus – Learn about the other two planets!  Psychology for personal relationships
  16. More People, Buying More, More Often – and For Longer – Discover the hidden turnover in your business

The above is not an exhaustive list.  If you have a particular focus – or specific subject matter you want covered, contact Andy for an initial discussion to see if a good fit can be found.