Project 20 – Claim back 20% of your working week

Project 20 – Claim back 20% of your working week

Traditional time management is dead. Long live ‘Project 20’!

Duration: 1 day to 12 months depending on budget/time available

Numbers: Minimum 4, max 12 delegates

Overview: Project 20 is designed to help you manage your workload and resources, releasing you to add value commensurate with your ability.
Options: Project 20 works as an individual executive coaching/mentoring/support programme too
Description: Time is money – and easily lost. Project 20 uniquely combines management, leadership and time management methods. The course provides a logical, practical and easily workable solution to the blight of many organisations: ‘Busy-ness!’ Get more done with fewer resources. Claim back 20% of the working week to REALLY add value. And get staff to step up to the TRUE meaning of ‘Empowerment’.

What we cover:

  • Traditional time management
  • Handling NOB’s and WIMP’s
  • ”Only do what only YOU can do”
  • The IDEAS Acronym
  • Delegating with the 6 ‘C’s’
  • Recurring problems
  • Measurable alerts!
  • Time bandits
  • The value gap
  • The value in your paygrade
  • ”We’ve always done it like this”
  • Skill or Will?
  • Making a business case for resources
  • Project 20 action planning

Please feel free to contact Andy to talk about finding lost time in YOUR organisation